What is GlyTouCan?

GlyTouCan is the international glycan structure repository. This repository is a freely available, uncurated registry for glycan structures that assigns globally unique accession numbers to any glycan independent of the level of information provided by the experimental method used to identify the structure(s). Any glycan structure, ranging in resolution from monosaccharide composition to fully defined structures can be registered as long as there are no inconsistencies in the structure.

What you can do

Users can search for glycan structures and motifs that have been registered into this repository. Registered users can additionally register new glycan structures to obtain unique IDs for each structure, which can be used in publications and other databases upon approval.


The development of this repository is funded by the Integrated Database Project by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology) and the Program for Coordination Toward Integration of Related Databases by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). Development has also been supported by the GlySpace Project.

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